Deer bresaola Wild boar salami


The perfect combination of the Water Buffalo meat, the mangalitsa pork pancetta and the seasoning of pepper, cumin, garlic and home-grown Hungarian red paprika. After the beech wood smoking the salami goes to the curing chamber. 7 weeks later when the aging process is finished, the salami is ready to go on your table. This product is free of any artificial additives.Made of water buffalo meat and mangalitsa pork pancetta. Seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin, garlic and home-grown Hungarian paprika. The salami is free of any artificial additives.

Serving: at room temperature, cut thick, should be able to stand on its edge. Serve alone or with other ingredients. This type of salami can lend a unique, savory dimension to any tomato based pasta sauce also excels as a topping or a stuffing to main dishes way beyond pizza and calzones or any gourmet chef dishes.

Ingredients: Hungarian Water Buffalo Meat, Mangalitsa Pork Pancetta, Sea Salt, Hungarian Paprika, Black Pepper, Caraway Seeds, Garlic

Preparation Process: 7-8 weeks

Approximate Product Dimensions: 50mm (diameter), 250mm (length), 290-320 grams

Store: in a dry (below 65% humidity), ventilated, cool (below +15°C) place, hung.


Natural products with no chemical treatment against mold growth. In event of growth of mold, remove mold with a dry, soft cloth and continue storage as indicated earlier.

Loss of volume may occur after opening the vacuum-package.

Lactose FreeGluten FreeNo Preservatives

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