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We firmly believe that the Red Deer Whole Bone-In Leg is our finest product. We marinate the selected free range Red Deer legs which are low in cholesterol and fat and they rest in a souse composed of juniper berries, bay leaves, white pepper and curing salt for two weeks. Then the smoke from the burning beech wood gives an excellent rich taste. This is followed by the 18-20 weeks of aging where all the natural enzymes come in place and this wonderful product will be easy to digest and kept for a long time before consuming.

Texture: smooth, harder on the outside and gets softer in the inside as you getting closer to the bone.

Serve: in thin slices or occasionally diced also feel free to use it in any gourmet chef dish.

Ingredients: Free Range Red Deer Meat, Curing Salt, Spices

Preparation Process: 18-20 weeks

Approximately 3-7kg each leg

Store: in a dry (below 65% humidity), ventilated, cool (below +15°C) place, hung. Natural products with no chemical treatment against mold growth. In event of growth of mold, remove mold with a dry, soft cloth and continue storage as indicated earlier. Loss of volume may occur after opening the vacuum-package.

Lactose FreeGluten FreeNo Pork

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