Deer bresaola Wild boar salami

Culinary traditions, how food brings our cultures together

Throughout generations, a country’s gastronomy grows as it molds its ways through the nation’s politics, economics, culture and climate. The culinary skills and the behavior of the people towards food are important ways to connect and to understand the differences between cultures. Food is a significant component of our society; it creates various relationships between people and their environment. The selection, preparation, presentation, and eating habits illustrate a country’s cultural inheritance and culinary traditions.


When a gourmet company enters the international market, the work becomes a symbol of its country of origin. Its products embody its people and the culinary traditions. Therefore much creativity, originality and responsibility go into this work. At Venison Gusto, a working gourmet company on an international level, we are aware of the importance of this role. The quality of our products affects our company's reputation, our country and that of the entire Hungarian meat production. Our gourmet-smoked products are based on traditional Hungarian recipes, passed down from previous generations allowing the full enjoyment of the natural flavors.


Companies of premium artisan charcuterie, like us, take many steps to have our products served in events organized by embassies.  After getting into contact with the embassy’s gourmet chefs, our company offers to send out samples from a wide selection of free range artisan smoked products. This is a crucial step for setting a good first impression and to expose the gourmet chefs to the flavors of natural, preservative-free gourmet Hungarian charcuterie. The packages of gourmet goods usually contain nice portions of carefully sliced smoked meat, like our Red Deer Spicy Paprika Salami and Wild Boar Bresaola. These smoked products are placed in vacuum sealed packages and arranged with care to be well-presented for our clients. The gourmet goods are shipped and delivered within 24 to 48 hours.


In our experience at Venison Gusto, the majority of feedbacks are positive. We feel very fortunate that our free range smoked products satisfy our dear clients. Feedbacks are very important to us because they help our company improve and cater more to the costumer’s preferences and tastes. We love to hear and receive feedbacks from the embassies, their remarks regarding the shipping and if the delivery was acceptable and up to standard. 


Our team has sold various products to several consulates around Europe who served our natural free range gourmet charcuterie products during consulate dinners and receptions. It is with great honor that we, as a Hungarian company of artisan charcuterie, are able to introduce our country’s rich and unique traditions to other cultures.  Gourmet chefs are happy to work with our products and send pictures of the amazing dishes they create with our preservative free wild smoked meats. Usually our products are ordered as a whole and the chefs can decide on the quantity to be served during the event.


One of the most recent events took place at the Hungarian embassy in Lisbon, during which our Venison Gusto gourmet products were enjoyed by many invitees.  On the 14th of May, the embassy organized a Hungarian Wine and gourmet themed evening. Hungarian wines of premium category, by their corresponding famous wine producers, were presented to our highly distinguished Portuguese business associates. The guests had the chance to get acquainted with Hungarian gastronomy and taste different types of traditional dishes. During the evening, there was an opportunity to taste our exquisite wild game, grey cattle salami and wild boar charcuterie products. The members of the delegation were Katalin Pintér, the owner of both Gerbeaud restaurants in Tokyo, Seoul and Budapest and the Onyx, Michelin-starred restaurant, the co-president of the Hungarian Wine Academy Miklós Niszkács and many more.


Our products have also been displayed on the tables of the Hungarian embassy in Westminster London. Krisztián Ortmann, the head chef of the embassy, has prepared a wonderful mayonnaise dressing from our water buffalo salami, which has won the admiration of many guests.


At Venison Gusto, we search for those original recipes that promise an exciting range of flavor combinations. We particularly like those that provide both a unique experience in taste and texture. Amongst the many creative recipes created with our product, our good friends Norbert Misley and Balázs Szabó, the chefs of the Hungarian embassy in Brussels, have put together an exquisite Green Pea Soup with Wild Boar Salami Breadcrumbs and Grilled Foie Gras. This exciting dish gives a harmonizing range of combination of sweet and salty flavors. The Wild Boar Breadcrumbs within the soup offer a unique texture experience. The complete recipe can be found on our website under the Recipe section. 


Our latest production of wide range artisan charcuterie has been available since the beginning of June. The stocks contain the freshest produces from Venison Gusto and this way, we ensure that the best quality of salami and Bresaola get served on the tables of embassies and yachts.  To provide costumers with an even greater quality, the meat content has been raised from 50% to 70% in our wild meat produces in our red deer and wild boar salami. 30% of pork belly pancetta will continue to be present in these products, but pork meat will no longer be added. We certainly continue to offer pork-free, “kosher-style” goods for our costumers with 70% game meat content and with water buffalo tallow instead of pork fat.  


An immense amount of work and time go into the wrapping and packaging of our products. They are handmade and arranged with great care to be properly presented for the customer. Our company offers a wide-range of packaging options. Following vacuum packaging, whole products of smoked red deer and wild boar legs are usually placed in 300 gram weighted cotton black colored bags. The bags have a round -shaped leather sewn into the material. Within the leather, the company’s logo is nicely engraved.  The bags are then carefully sealed with a golden thread. Red deer, wild boar, water buffalo and grey cattle salamis are placed in wooden boxes that are handmade by highly talented carpenters. Each box possesses unique characteristics. These boxes can contain up to six pieces of smoked products however we offer the possibility to order single products as well.

Our bresaola boxes are carefully engraved with our company’s logo which can be found on the top of these containers. The boxes are closed off by two ribbons in the colors of Hungary’s national flag. These ribbons are secured by a red wax seal which provides a very exquisite trait to the packaging. Upon its careful inspection, one can make out our company’s beautiful logo within the wax. Usually two pieces of bresaola, each weighting about 500 grams, are inserted in these wooden boxes.


We truly abide by the tradition of old Hungarian recipes while producing our gourmet-smoked products which are indeed reflected in the flavors offered by our highly skilled team. The butchers and nutritionists at Venison Gusto take strong care to use only the best quality of wild boar, buffalo, grey cattle or red deer providing Europe with the top quality of meat. Compared to the typical production styles of farmed meat, our products do truly offer a unique, healthy and natural gourmet food difference. We hope that our premium quality traditional charcuterie products will soon be widely available and gain an even greater international popularity placed next to famous Hungarian Tokai wines on the tables of future celebrity costumers.

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