Deer bresaola Wild boar salami

The season is here!

The month of May is a special time of year in the Mediterranean. It marks the beginning of the summer yacht season in Europe, with most of the yachts crewed up and ready to sail by the end of April. Among the many highlights onboard of a charter yacht, the gourmet experience is definitely a priority. Our team at Venison Gusto has gained experience from organizing educational tastings for super yacht chef and crew members while sailing along the Italian and French Riviera. As a supplier of luxury charcuterie, we know that a delightful ambiance is no doubt the end result when high quality produce meet the expectations of its customers.

It is barely the start of the season and we have already received many inquiries for which samples have been delivered and are now being enjoyed onboard. Our gourmet-smoked products are based on traditional Hungarian recipes which allow the full enjoyment of the natural flavors passed down form the old days. The best quality of meats, beautifully packaged are exquisitely displayed on the super yacht and provide a truly unique and fine –dining experience.

The red deer and wild boar legs are particularly popular at the beginning of the season. The combination of 100% free range wild meat with spices and curing salts results in a strong outer texture which becomes softer closer to the bone and allows to be served thinly sliced to the consumer. We use coriander, juniper berries and black pepper to spice our meat prior to smoking and curing. All of our products are natural and completely free of antibiotics, hormones, additives lactose and gluten. As purists, we aim to provide the true hand made artisan products that have been passed down through generations dating back to the 1880’s. This makes our charcuterie products high quality meeting the high expectations of yacht owners and the charter guests all across Europe.

Our team at Venison Gusto strongly emphasizes the importance of a healthy diet as a crucial part of the gourmet experience. We offer the best possible quality red meat low in cholesterol and high in protein content. This creates produces of high nutritional value, containing less amount of fat than beef or chicken. It is also rich in iron, phosphorus and zinc. Our good choices of meat reflect the natural ways of the venison, reared free of antibiotics and hormones. Notably, our water buffalo and grey cattle are kept in National Parks. This greatly contributes to the taste and it is a healthy choice in the world of charcuterie as the meat is the result of the animal’s natural food supply and is surrounding natural environment.

Nowadays, the emphasis on the hand-made, traditional products is increasing. Artisan products are thus increasingly gaining recognition and importance. The secret behind their popularity lies within the traditional manufacturing and handcraft techniques that have been passed down through generations. The special care, natural ingredients and extensive experience and work create unique products that truly make an impact for the consumer. Most of the meat available at supermarkets are industrialized, processed and greatly influence the taste and quality of the produce. Unfortunately the ingredients are not fully listed on the label. These meats often have additional preservatives that do affect the dining experience on board of a super yacht. The so-called factory farming not only decreases the nutritional value of the meat but increases the risk of exposure to pollutants, bacterial contamination and the ingestion of unwanted chemicals including antibiotics and bovine human growth hormone (rBGH). Unfortunately, most of these animals have an unbalanced diet and consume genetically modified food. The outcome of farmed meat is a less time consuming, more rapid production but a negative health impact to the consumer.
At Venison Gusto, we truly abide by the tradition of old Hungarian recipes while producing our gourmet-smoked products which are indeed reflected in the flavors offered by our highly skilled team. The butchers and nutritionists at Venison Gusto take strong care to use only the best quality of wild boar, buffalo, grey cattle or red deer providing Europe with the best and top quality of meat. Opposing the typical production styles of farmed meat, this does truly creates a huge difference.

The new production of our wide range of charcuterie will be available by the end of May, so that our stocks will only contain the freshest produces from Venison Gusto. We are proud to announce that the wild meat content has been raised from 50% to 70% in our wild boar and deer produces. Pork meat will not be present in these produces no more but will keep adding the pork belly fat for achieving the best possible taste. We also continue to offer pork-free, “kosher-style” goods for our costumers.

Orders from Venison Gusto can be issued from our website or by email. All products are dispatched from Monday through Wednesday and our team is able to deliver anywhere in Europe within 24 to 48 hours These items are carefully placed in temperature-controlled thermo containers while being transported by car or by plane, always prioritizing the consumer’s needs. We can also be found on Facebook where we like to update our costumers about the latest products and newest recipes perfect to combine with our meat products. Venison Gusto would be happy to receive the opinions and comments from our dear and friendly costumers.