Deer bresaola Wild boar salami


It is well known that charcuterie is a branch of cuisine devoted to prepared meat products, such as bacon, ham, sausage, salami, terrines, galantines, ballotines, pâtés, and confit, primarily from pork, but it also can be made from poultry, game birds, veal or game meats, such as venison, boar or even rabbit.

Why Hungarian Salamis and Sausages are unique?

Hungarian salami may not yet be well-known in Japan, but in Europe, it is positioned as a superior salami comparable to those from Italy or Spain. The Hungarian salami making method has its own particularities as it is produced according to a famous and unique century-old tradition.

It is originally made from Mangalitsa pork, with added spices (white pepper, allspice, and others), and then cured in cold air and smoked very slowly. A special noble-mold is formed on the casing surface during a so-called dry ripening process, in order to make it even more remarkable. This type of salami is called Winter Salami or Salami with Noble Mold Crust.

The Hungarian sausages are also very famous and can be made in various ways, boiled, fresh, dried and smoked, with different spices and flavors, "hot" or "mild", they can be eaten as cold cuts or used in main courses. The smoked sausages may contain bacon, ground pork, beef, boar or lamb, high quality world-famous Hungarian red paprika, salt, garlic, black pepper, allspice, white pepper, caraway, nutmeg, zest, marjoram, cayenne pepper, sugar, white wine or cognac.

How can Hungarian salami and sausage be even greater?

The answer is really simple when they are made from venison. Venison is always a top quality choice of meat. The animals - red deer, wild boar, buffalo, or grey cattle - roam freely grazing on grass and other vegetation, which is one of the secrets of its subtle and complex natural flavor.

Venison is also a healthy choice, because it is low in cholesterol, and higher in protein than any other type of red meat. This is due to the natural way in which the venison lives – not being reared on a diet of antibiotics and hormones.

At Venison Gusto we believe in the tradition of the good old days, and this, integrated with the newest technology is another secret and the reason why our range of premium quality smoked charcuterie are all produced using traditional methods and recipes which are all 100 % Hungarian Artisan, lactose-free, gluten-free products with no added preservatives.

Each animal - red deer, wild boar, buffalo, or grey cattle - used to create our delicious artisan salami is subject to strict certified quality controls, which means that only the best animals can be used.  Following this procedure the meat is matched, cut, ground and seasoned and it’s left to rest for a certain time. The final step is to receive smoke from the burning top quality beech wood flakes, this is what leads to the perfect taste.

After several weeks of smoking, the salamis go to our carefully developed aging cabins. The result is a well spiced, mature Hungarian smoked salami, which provides a truly individual and intense flavor experience and it’s as good as, or even better than any other world famous meat product you might care to think about.

Our unique gourmet charcuterie can be served as a cold plate, which is one of the best ways to showcase it and represent the wide variety of Venison Gusto’s  repertoire.  Also exclusively wrapped, these products are available all over Europe, they look amazing and sit perfectly on the table of any superyacht providing an extraordinary flavor experience accompanied with a glass of red wine offered by the sommelier.