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Artisan production becoming more and more popular nowadays. More and more consumer prefer the traditional, hand-made products, causing more and more enterprises using traditional, manufactural technology, and sell their products with “artisan” label.

But what does artisan production exactly mean?

The word “artisan” used to be synonymous with the folklore culture, with the traditional small scale technologies, and with the concrete result of the actual handwork, which was the most important part of the tradition. Artisan products were manufactured by traditional technologies, with traditional tools, mainly by manual intervention, using non-automated technologies. Handcraft is the key of keeping the traditions still alive nowadays.

And why artisan products are so popular nowadays?

Because these artisan products have unique character, they are quality goods, made of natural ingredients. By the creation of these products the special care, manual production, and the workflow are dominant, this workflow is guided by specialized knowledge and know-how. They are manufactured by handheld technology, some of the labour processes can be mechanized, but the production itself must be based on direct human control, manual work, human effort and experience. These goods are the alternatives for all who prefer the quality, the brand, the exceptionality and uniqueness.

The type of the artisan products are very extensive. Artisan products are e.g. dairy products, bakery products, cooking oils, vinegars, jams, etc. but the most special and interesting, and maybe surprising are the artisan venison products.

What shall we expect from these artisan venison products?

The ingredients used by producing these artisan venison products are strictly regulated, they are not allowed to contain any bones, cartilages or any remains of hair follicles and it’s not allowed to distribute them in cellophane foil. The producer has to prove that the procedure of the production takes place within an environment which is relevant to the regulations. The producer also has to prove the origin of the meat and the origin of the ingredients used by the production with certificate of authenticity. The producer also has to provide with a detailed description about the quality of the ingredients.

Because of these features artisan venison products are reliable, they represent real value and high quality.

How and where can we find the ONE, the REAL artisan venison products?

In order to find the ONE and REAL artisan venison products the key is the demand to find the most unique and quality artisan products and a bit of diligence to seek those places where they are available. They can be found in those shops which are specialized especially for selling gourmet artisan products made by traditional methods. These shops can be found not just on the markets but also online at online web shops. But you don’t need to seek any further, if you would like to know which THE BEST artisan venison products are, you are in the perfect place - I tell you the secret: At Venison Gusto!

Why Venison Gusto’s Premium smoked charcuterie is so exceptional?

At Venison Gusto we believe in the tradition of the good old days, all our gourmet-smoked products - made from red deer, wild boar, buffalo, or grey cattle - are based on traditional Hungarian recipes, and the flavours speak for themselves! Our highly skilled team of butchers and nutritionists make sure to use only the best possible quality of meat.

The venison used in this charcuterie is extremely lean, tastes fantastic and is totally free of chemicals. They are all 100 % Hungarian Artisan, lactose-free, gluten-free products, giving a truly individual and intense flavour experience. The meat we use is certified by Animal Health and Food Control Station. The certificate ensures the highest standards of quality. The taste is out of this world as well, and each of our specialties are prepared to give you the most flavoursome venison meat what’s possible.

If you would like to try Venison Gustos range of charcuterie please visit our website.

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