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Water Buffalo Spicy Paprika Salami

Water Buffalo Spicy Paprika Salami

250g 7.40 EUR

Spicy version of the Water Buffalo Paprika Salami. This product is the perfect combination of water buffalo meat, pork pancetta, pepper, cumin, garlic and homegrown Hungarian red paprika seasoning. After beech wood smoking, the salami goes to the curing chamber. Eight to nine weeks later when the ageing process is completed, the salami is ready to be serve onto your table. This product is free of any artificial additives.

Serving: at room temperature, to be cut into thick slices (the slices should be able to stand on the edges). This type of salami can lend a unique, savory dimension to any tomato based pasta sauce also excels as a topping or a stuffing to main dishes way beyond pizza and calzones or any gourmet chef dish.

Ingredients: free range water buffalo meat, pork pancetta, salt, Hungarian spicy red paprika, spices

Preparation process: 9 weeks

Product dimensions:  45-47 mm (diameters), 200 mm (length), 250 grams

Store: hang it in a dry (below 65% humidity), ventilated, cool (below +18°C) place. Our products have not undergone chemical treatment against mould growth. In such an event, remove it with a dry, soft cloth and continue storage as indicated earlier.

Loss of volume may occur after opening the vacuum package.

Lactose FreeGluten FreeNo Preservatives